IndieView with Tay LaRoi, creator of Portraits of a Faerie Queen

Amidst a mid year storm, seventeen-year-old Jocelyn Lennox swerves to miss a bizarre animal in the street. The subsequent mishap abandons her mom in a trance like state with specialists wary about her recuperation..

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'Thanks Obama' By David Litt Will Make You Miss America's Last President Even More Than You Already Do

Expectation. Change. No combine of words appeared to be more mysterious than those two when they helped now previous President Barack Obama jolt an electorate in 2008. In spite of the fact that we saw them lose some of their intensity in the years that took after.

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Up and coming Science Fiction Books We Can't Wait to Read

The pre-winter equinox is just a couple (getting shorter) days away. Silver coating? Less sunlight implies more motivations to extend on the sofa and read.

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