IndieView with Tay LaRoi, creator of Portraits of a Faerie Queen

Amidst a late spring storm, seventeen-year-old Jocelyn Lennox swerves to miss an unusual animal in the street. The subsequent mischance abandons her mom in a state of extreme lethargy with specialists distrustful about her recuperation. Frantic for answers, Jocelyn comes back to the scene of the mischance to find that the animal was one of the great society—a faerie. That, as well as the ruler of Faerie herself will tune in to Jocelyn's story and offer her assistance. At a cost, obviously.

Representations" is about a young lady named Jocelyn who influences an arrangement with the faerie to ruler to spare her mom's life. She'll paint the ruler seven pictures and, in return, her mom will wake up from the trance state caused by a pile up a while prior. At the same time, an antiquated custom yield is getting nearer, so Jocelyn needs to race with time as the opponent so she doesn't wind up the relinquish. You'll need to peruse the book to check whether she succeeds.

My senior year of school. I attempted to pass the main section off as a short story. My inventive fiction educator saw directly through me and instructed me to keep running with the thought. I'm quite recently happy he didn't instruct me to re-try the task, haha.