Up and coming Science Fiction Books We Can't Wait to Read

the harvest time equinox is just a couple (getting shorter) days away. Silver covering? Less light means more motivations to extend on the sofa and read.

Artemis by Andy Weir - Weir has an extreme demonstration to trail the blockbuster accomplishment of The Martian. Set on the main city of the Moon, Artemis is half wrongdoing escapade, half SF survival enterprise. Fearless, down-on-her-fortunes hero Jazz Bashara will set aside her good judgment to make a major score that will haul her out of neediness. Inconvenience is, criminal acts are a whole lot harder to pull off once outside the city's defensive bubble....

Provenance by Ann Leckie - Multi-grant champ Leckie comes back to the universe of the Radch with a robbery and a murder that, on their surface, appear like minor violations yet soon uncover that they could overturn the settlements that have kept different universes from each different throats.

Oathbringer : Book Three of the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson - The disastrous Everstorm is clearing the land, arousing the parshmen to the truth of their subjugation while humankind battles for its extremely presence.